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Improve energy efficiency and home comfort with cellulose attic insulation

See how cellulose insulation performs better than fiberglass insulation.

If your home has insufficient, damaged, or improperly installed insulation, the effects on home comfort and energy efficiency can be significant. Faulty insulation allows significant heat transfer between your home's living space and unconditioned spaces like the attic and crawl space, as well as the outdoors. This transfer will create rooms that are uncomfortably cold in the winter and hot in the summer while also causing your utility bills to rise.

The insulation experts at Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis can help you improve your home's comfort and energy efficiency with quality cellulose insulation. Installing cellulose in the attic or walls will raise the R-value of your insulation to recommended levels, improve energy performance, and save you money. If you're interested in cellulose insulation for your home, call us today at 1-844-385-7503 or click below to get started! We offer free estimates on all our work in St. Louis, Florissant, Ballwin and the nearby areas.

Choosing the right type of cellulose insulation for your home

At Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis, we use Tru-Soft™ cellulose insulation, a highly effective, recycled material that provides excellent energy performance as an affordable, environmentally friendly option. Tru-Soft™ comes in several varieties, each with different features and purposes. Our insulation professionals will evaluate your home and help you determine the right type of cellulose insulation for your needs.

  • Loose-fill or blown-in cellulose: Loose-fill cellulose is the ideal choice for attic insulation. The cellulose insulation can be blown over the top of existing fiberglass insulation batts to create a thick layer of insulation that provides the recommended R-value for your home.
  • Dense-pack cellulose: Dense-pack cellulose is the preferred type of cellulose for wall insulation and other enclosed spaces. Dense-pack cellulose is applied through small access holes are drilled into the cavities. Cellulose is blown into wall cavities and enclosed spaces using a small application nozzle that injects the insulation at a high enough force to fully pack the wall cavity. The access holes are then plugged to finish the installation.
  • Wet-spray cellulose: Wet-spray cellulose is a technique that uses water and a liquid adhesive or binder compound in addition to dry cellulose. The combination creates a sticky, but not saturated material that is sprayed onto walls or ceilings prior to finishing. This application is generally used for new construction or as part of a remodel.

Benefits of Tru-Soft™ cellulose insulation

  • Improved home comfort: Raising your insulation levels to the recommended levels will reduce heat transfer to unconditioned spaces and the outdoors while also allowing your home to be heated and cooled evenly. These improvements will make it easier for you to keep your home at the temperature you desire regardless of the season.
  • Reduced energy use: Buildings insulated with Tru-Soft™ cellulose usually require 15-30% less energy for heating and cooling than homes insulated with fiberglass batts. This reduces both your energy expenses and your environmental impact.
  • Recycled material: Tru-Soft™ cellulose insulation utilizes recycled paper products such as old newspapers, preventing unnecessary waste creation. The material is then treated for fire resistant, ensuring a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly product.
  • Durable material: As mentioned above, Tru-Soft™ is treated for fire resistance to ensure safety, and it holds a Class-1 Fire Safety Rating, which is the highest available. Tru-Soft® also mold and pest resistant, making a much longer lasting solution than fiberglass batts.

Upgrade your home's comfort and efficiency with cellulose insulation today

If you're having problems with uncomfortable temperatures in your home and high heating and cooling costs, Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis can help. We provide expert cellulose insulation services for attics, walls, and more to help improve your home's energy efficiency and save you money. Call us today at 1-844-385-7503 or contact us online to get started with a free estimate in St. Louis, Florissant, Ballwin, Belleville, Chesterfield, East St. Louis, Fenton, Granite City, Arnold, Edwardsville and the nearby areas.

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