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Duct Insulation in Mt. Vernon, IL

When ductwork or air handlers are located in an attic, they have to work much harder to keep your home comfortable. Battling temperatures upwards of 140 degrees F in the summer and as low as 30 degrees F or less in the winter, your attic air handlers need all the help they can get keeping your conditioned air the temperature you want it to be! Air sealing and insulating ductwork and air handlers is a great place to start. Dr. Energy Saver encased this ductwork junction with spray foam insulation to seal any leaks, keeping that conditioned air traveling to where it needs to be---inside your living space!

Attic Fan Cover in Mulberry Grove, IL

Dr. Energy Saver will construct an insulated containment box around the fan and then air seal the assembly so that it doesn't leak your conditioned air (and money) to the outside. A hinged and weather-stripped lid on the box can be lifted open during the summer months and closed the rest of the year.

Spray Foam in Hoyleton,IL

A kneewall space is created when a finished room is built within a sloped roof. Often, these walls are “insulated” using fiberglass batting. Since fiberglass does not stop air flow, the insulation does next to nothing to air seal and insulate----causing rooms sharing walls with kneewalls to be very uncomfortable. Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis air sealed and insulated this Highland, IL homeowner’s knee wall with spray foam insulation. Now, inside air can’t get out of the house through the kneewall spaces and outside air can’t get in. This bedroom is comfortable again! 

Airsealing Ductwork in Coffeen,IL

Sealing your ducts is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your heating and air conditioning bills, which account for more than 50% of your overall energy cost at home.  Experts put the percentage of air that leaks out of ducts at 40%.  A lot of the air doesn't even reach the needed destination, this is why having sealed ducts is very important.

Greenville, IL Insulation Improves Comfort & Efficiency

This Greenville, Illinois attic had very little insulation.  Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis installed blown-in insulation to improve thermal resistance and increase comfort in the conditioned space below.

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