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NARI Best Specialty Project
Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis won the 2014 NARI Remodeling Award Best Specialty Project.... [Read more]
#6 Dealer in National Dr. Energy Saver Network
Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis was recently recognized at the Annual Convention in Seymour, Connecticut as the #6 Dr. Energy... [Read more]
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Saint Louis City Crawl Space Sealing & Repair | Attic & Spray Foam Insulation

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Increase Your Home's Energy Efficiency and Comfort Today 

Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. At our home energy saving company we are not just an everyday contractor, but we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and perform the work at an affordable price. You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with least amount of hassle.

Saint Louis City, MO Home Energy Saving Specialists

We specialize in a variety of services, such as home energy audits and home insulation upgrades including: spray foam insulation, attic insulation, radiant barriers, wall insulation, blown-in insulation, weatherization, ice damming prevention, and more. All of our home energy conservation services are aimed to lessen your home's carbon footprint all while saving energy and money each month! Our company's certified energy saving professionals offer it all, from air sealing to duct work to insulation in Saint Louis City, Missouri.

At Dr. Energy Saver, we not only test and investigate your home's energy usage, but we will discuss and prioritize the proper repairs. You'll know which ones will save you the most energy and why. This will also help direct you in making the best decision for you and your family.

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  • Open Cell and Closed Cell Foam
  • Air Sealing Packages
  • Blower Door Testing
  • Duct work Sealing
  • Blown in Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Weatherization/ Weatherproofing
  • Crawl Space Insulation and Repair
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • Rigid Foam Insulation
  • Injection Foam Insulation
  • Ice Damming Prevention
  • Dehumidification Systems
  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions
  • Ductwork, Air Duct Sealing
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Home Energy Audits
  • Window Replacement

For a FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Saint Louis City, Missouri, you'll also receive a free copy of "Saving Energy and Money at Home," a great book to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home!

Job Stories From Saint Louis City County, MO
Allergens Eliminated in St. Louis, MO Home

Cecil was unhappy with the conditions of her home are how it was making it hard for her family to live there comfortably.  She had drafts coming in that messed with her and her family’s allergies.  Her main concerns were to have allergy relief, save energy, and to overall improve comfort in her home.  Dr. Energy came out and did just that.  They sealed her basement and attic and insulated her attic to R-20 to eliminate drafts and to keep her house warm.  Now, Cecil and her family is much more satisfied with the state of her home.

Lowering Energy Bill One Space At a Time in Collinsville, IL

Steve was having issues with keeping his home at a desired temperature, which resulted in high energy bills.  His main concern was lowering the bills and then living more comfortably.  Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis came out for a full home Check-up and pointed out several areas of energy loss.  After installing CleanSpace in the crawl space and sealing up the attic, light fixtures, and bathroom fans, the home is much more energy efficient.

Belleville, IL Home Upgrades into More Energy Efficient

Ben and Melanie were unhappy with the humidity of their home in the summer and the drafts and the cold in the winter.  Not only did they want to improve the conditions of their home, but they wanted to make it more energy efficient as well.  After calling Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis and getting a Complete Home Check-up they discovered how much energy they were losing.  Dr. Energy Saver sealed up their home with spray foam, installed vents on the roof, and filled the attic with better insulation to create a better thermal boundary.  Today, Ben and Melanie are living more energy efficient and more comfortably.

Air Sealing Helps Lower Electric Bills in Glen Carbon, IL

After owning a house for four years, homeowners Julie and Mike started noticing how high their electricity bills were.  They thought they could lower them, so they called Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis and received a Full Home Energy Check up.  In order to save money, these homeowners needed to have air sealing done and have more insulation put in their attic.  Once these steps were taken care of, the cost of their electric bills decreased.

Wildwood, MO home gets Air Sealing Job

This Wildwood, MO home was having issues with energy wasting leaks in the attic and basement.  Several places in the home, including the kitchen, dining room, and the daughter's room were quite cold.  These homeowners called Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis and had a free Home Energy Check-up.  After this, the homeowner's decided to proceed with repair.  They air sealed the attic and the basement with spray foam and now the home is much warmer.

Fenton, MO Home gets Air Sealed and Insulated

Tom and Carol were looking to live more comfortably.  They were tired of their rooms being drafty an too dry in the winter and extra hot in the summer.  They wanted a permanent solution so they called Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis.  They then found that air sealing the home and installing more insulation would do the trick.  After these were put in place, these homeowners are now living happily ever after.

Improved Thermal Boundary in Collinsville, IL Home

Air was escaping through the cracks of this Collinsville home.  The homeowner's bedroom and their child's room would become too hot in the summer.  They ended up spending various amounts of money on their heating and cooling.  Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis came out and gave this family a free Home Energy Check-up.  Now their attic is insulated with blown in cellulose, vinyl wall insulation, and air sealed all around.  The thermal boundary is now increased and leaving this family cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Home More Energy Efficient in Belleville, IL

The enviroment was important to this homeowner and they wanted to help out in any way they could and shave off some numbers from their energy bills.  After calling Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis they found that blown in cellulose insulation would help them improve the thermal boundary between the attic and the conditioned space.  But before this could occur, the attic needed to be air sealed so she could stop losing air.  Now her home is more energy efficient for her and the environment.

Stop Condensation in this Eoliq, MO Home

Jeff and Trish were noticing condensation on the ceiling walls and they knew this wasn't good.  They needed to figure out where and why this was happening.  They called Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis came to their house and performed a Home Energy Audit.  Dr. Energy Saver sprayed foam insulation in the walls and applied intumescent coating over the spray foam insulation in order to create a ignition barrier.  With these repairs, the condensation stopped.

Providing More Comfort in St. Peters, MO

Matt found his home to be very uncomfortable.  He wanted to get this under control so he called Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis.  They came to Matt's house and performed a Home Energy Audit.  The Certified Building Anaylst looked at the home and found that Matt was losing air through his attic.  Dr. Energy Saver air sealed the attic to stop exfiltration of conditioned air into the attic.  Then they filled the attic with blow loose-fill cellulose insulation to improve the thermal boundary between the two spaces.  Now, thanks to Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis, Matt's home is much more comfortable.

Lowering Utility Bills in Affton, MO

Cathy's utility bills were higher than she wanted to pay, so she called Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis.  They found by installing a bathroom fan and a vent to the roof they could do just this.  This system would move exhausted air outside of the attic.  This allows Cathy not to constantly be running her heat and air and therefore she can save money.

Improving Efficiency of this Troy, IL Home

Tom and Norma have been living in their house for seven years and were interested in making some changes.  They wanted to improve efficiency of the home, so they called Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis.  They spray foamed and air sealed the rim joist to reduce air infiltration and to improve air quality.  They also got EverLast Basement Windows and Window Inserts.  These would help reduce air leakage and improve energy efficiency of the windown.  Now this couple's home is better suited for their needs.

Fairview Heights, IL Home Made More Comfortable

This homeowner in Fairview Heights, IL was interested in making his home more comfortable and efficient.  He called Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis.  He got his attic air sealed to stop exfiltration of conditioned air into the attic and then put blow loose-fill cellulose insulation in the attic.  This improved the thermal bounday between those too spaces and now has made this owner's home more comfy.

Air Sealing in St. Louis, MO

Rob loves to collect wine and increase his collection.  He had a wine cellar at home, however he was worried about the conditions in the room.  He wanted to make sure the cellar stayed at his desired temperature.  Rob called Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis to see how they could help.  They found that air sealing would be the best option.  They used spray foam insulation to improve the thermal and pressure boundary.  Then an intumescent coating over the spray foam to create an ignition barrier.  With these upgrades, Rob's wine cellar is much more preserved.

Finding Comfort in Moscow Mills

Tim was living a very uncomfortable life in his Moscow Mills home. His first floor and master bedroom were drafty, the insulation from the laundry room was filling soffits, which restricted air flow, and on top of all that, Tim was basically paying to live in discomfort through his energy bills.

Dr. Energy Saver was on the case. By using the Stack Effect principle, where air leaking out of the home causes air to in, we were able to see that unwanted air was being sucked into the basement and the good conditioned air was escaping from the attic. Dr. Energy Saver installed rim joists and use spray foam in the basement to create a thermal barrier against air leaking in to reduce the first floor draft and used similar tactics to handle the comfort abilities and energy costs in the home.

Tim can now live in complete contentment thanks to Dr. Energy Saver.

Saving Energy with Cleanspace

Sheila and Dale were on a mission to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient so they sought out the guidance of Dr. Energy Saver.

The Cleanspace crawl space encapsulation system was installed to isolate the house from the earth. Cleanspace is a practical and fresh-looking energy saver that not only reduces air flow that comes from under then into the home, but also provides additional storage space that is safe from damage. Dimple matting was also installed on the ground of the crawl space to allow water to drain as necessary.

Sheila and Dale are now able to enjoy their new space while making the home more comfortable and efficient thanks to Dr. Energy Saver.

Garage Room Made Comfortable in Olivette, MO

John was set on making his daughter's room above the garage more comfortable in their Olivette, MO home. So of course he called St. Louis Dr. Energy Saver to take on the task. Spray foam and insulation took care of the unwanted drafts, improved comfort and energy efficiency, and made John's daughter very happy. 

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