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Heat transfer through the attic is one of the most common home energy problems. In the winter, the air you pay to heat escapes through the attic and leaks outside. In the summer, hot air from the outside warms up the attic and the living space below, forcing your air conditioner to work harder.

Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis can help solve these problems in your home by installing a radiant barrier in your attic. Radiant barriers reflect heat and help keep your home at a more consistent temperature, creating more comfortable rooms and reducing heating and cooling costs. Call us today at 1-844-385-7503 or click below to get a free estimate on radiant barrier installation for your home in St. Louis, Florissant, Ballwin and the nearby areas.

How a radiant barrier works in your attic

radiant barrier installation

Radiant barriers reflect heat to ensure more consistent temperatures in the home.

Radiant heat in your attic works the same way your car does on a hot summer day. The attic absorbs heat from the sun and the temperature inside rises, and that heat will be passed into the living space. This creates uncomfortably hot rooms and forces your air conditioning system to work longer and harder to keep the home at the right temperature.

A radiant barrier reflects the heat from the sun as it enters the attic, keeping the space cooler and limiting the effect on the rooms below. If you have ductwork in your attic, this is even more important, because overheated ductwork only adds to the energy needed to cool your home. In the winter, the radiant barrier has the reverse effect by reflecting heat from your living space that escapes to the attic back into the home, lessening the amount you need to run your furnace.

Radiant barriers provide an effective solution

The best radiant barriers are rigid foam insulation that is manufactured with a reflective foil that resists heat transfer. During the summer, up to 97% of the sun's heat can be reflected back outside by a radiant barrier that is installed in your attic. This will reduce the heat gain and significantly less the amount you need to run your air conditioning. In the winter, this reflective effect works the other way, reflecting heat from the house back toward your living space.

If you're interested in a radiant barrier for your attic, contact the local experts at Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis today to learn more about our attic insulation solutions. Our professionals can evaluate your home and recommend the right solutions to give you the home comfort improvements and energy savings you need. Call us today at 1-844-385-7503 or contact us online to get started with a free estimate in St. Louis, Florissant, Ballwin, Belleville, Chesterfield, East St. Louis, Fenton, Granite City, Arnold, Edwardsville and the nearby areas.

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