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Positive Side Effects of Fixing Your Home

Monday, March 16th, 2015 by Stacie Ellis

It’s important to make your home as comfortable as possible for you and your family.  In the process of making your home more comfortable, there are things that will greatly improve your home in some way.

Your home won’t be as dry in the winter.  The air in your home gets extremely dry during the winter months because when the outside air in brought in to replace the air that leaked out, and it is heated, its relative humidity level is lowered.  If you make your home more comfortable by sealing cracks and air leaks, you will have less new outside air to heat, resulting in a less dry home.

Your home won’t be as humid in the summer.  This is the exact opposite problem as in the winter.  When there is too much outside air leaking in, your home gets extremely humid, which makes the temperature in your home feel warmer than it actually is.  This is because when hot air is cooled, the relative humidity level is raised.  It also creates more work for your air conditioning system because humid air is harder to cool than dry air.  So if you slow the air leakage rate for your home, it will be significantly less humid during the summer months.

Your home will be less dusty.  This one is simple.  There’s dirt and dust in the outside air, so if you seal your home and limit the amount of air leakage, your home will be cleaner.

There will be less indoor allergens.  Along with dirt and dust, outside air also contains pollen and other allergens.  Pollen can really irritate people’s allergies, causing your home to be uncomfortable.  By limiting the amount of outside air coming into the house, there will be less pollen, and your home will be more comfortable for those will allergies.

Your home will be quieter.  When your home is properly sealed, the noises you used to hear will be much quieter—the wind blowing, the roof creaking, and rain pounding on the roof.  You will also hear less outside noises, resulting in a more peaceful environment for you and your family.

There won’t be mold in your attic or crawl space (or anywhere, for that matter).  If you have mold in your home, you know how big of a deal this is.  Mold causes your entire home to have a musty smell, making it harder to sell.  It’s usually caused by plumbing and groundwater leaks, but it could also be because of the clash of warm humid air against cold surfaces.  An example of this is when a bathroom fan blows air into the attic rather than outside.  Woods Basement Systems can always fix your mold problem, no matter where it is.

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