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Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis Case Studies: Applying Spray Foam Insulation to Granite City Basement

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 by James E. Lord


The detail between the foundation wall, the sill plate, the rim joist, and the sub flooring allows for significant air leakage from the outside, especially when pipe and wire penetrations are added.  Far too often, it is also the a place that is poorly insulated.  Resulting symptoms include cold floors above, drafts, high humidity (which causes higher heating and air conditioning bills), and even mold.  Gaps or penetrations in this area also allow infiltration of various allergens and provide entry points for insects and other pests.

These Granite City, Illinois homeowners were concerned about maximizing the comfort and increasing the efficiency of their home.  Once Dr. Energy Saver inspected and evaluated the whole home for leaks and energy loss, our home energy consultant sat down with the homeowners to prioritize their goals to get the best results.

• Make home comfortable and energy efficient
• Improve comfort/efficiency of front room
• Control indoor air quality and musty smell in basement


Spraying expanding foam insulation on the inside surface of the rim joist to cover the sill plate down to the top of the basement wall not only seals all air leaks effectively, but it insulates as well.  Applying two-part spray foam insulation in between each joist, around pipes, wires, ducts, and floor insulation is not easy work, but it's well worth it.

Dr. Energy Saver air sealed and insulated the rim joist using two-part spray foam in order to reduce air infiltration, reduce conducive heat transfer, reduce high humidity, improve indoor air quality, and reduce entry point for insects and other pests. This helped lower air leakage, lower monthly utility bills, created warmer floors upstairs, resulted in less drafts and more comfort, and provided less chance for mold growth.

Project Summary

Home Energy Consultant: Chad Kues

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