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Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis Case Studies: Saving Energy with Cleanspace

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 by Jessy Boyle


Damp, musty crawl spaces and attics present a challenge in home efficiency and comfort. In this St. Louis, MO home, the crawl space was bringing in unwanted airflow and pushing it into the living areas of the home. The attic, on the other hand, was letting the good conditioned air out. 


Cleanspace crawl space encapsulation system was fitted and installed to isolate the home from the ground and unwanted airflow. Under the crisp Cleanspace barrier, a dimple matting is placed in to allow water to drain if necessary. Crawlspace vent covers are then mounted to stop outside hot/cold air from entering the home.

The rim joist is then air sealed using a two part spray foam and insulated in order to reduce air infiltration, reduce conductive heat transfer and high humidity/dryness, and improve indoor air quality overall.

To finish making the home more efficient, can light boxes needed to be placed over the light fixtures. These boxes are then sealed and ready for insulation. A linear insulation dam is built to contain the insulation in the attic overall, which will then keep energy in the home.


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