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Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis Case Studies: Maryville, IL Home Recieves Normal Temperature

Monday, August 4th, 2014 by Rachel Sipes


Summers and winters were hard for Chris and his wife Kim.  They found themselves fighing the hot and cold temperatures in their home.  The master bedroom would become very hot and unbearable to stay in for very long.  The the kitchen would have the opposite problem.  The kitchen would be extremely cold in the winter.  It'd be sock weather all year around in the kitchen area.  A draft was also coming from the fireplace which made the rest of the living room uncomfortable.


Dr. Energy Saver came to Chris and Kim's house and performed a full Home Energy Audit.  To make the bedroom more comfortable they drilled holes into the garage ceiling and filled the joist cavities with dense-pack cellulose insulation, installed plug in holes, and sealed with one coat of taping compound.  They did this in order to improve comfort and energy efficiency of the room above the garage.

To get rid of the draft in the fire place and the cold kitchen, the basement was sprayed with foam on the underside of the cantilever.  This was used to create a thermal barrier and stop infiltration of air into the house.  Rows of vinyl siding were removed, drill holes, fill rim joist/sill plate area from outside were also air sealed and insulated.  Now the home will start to maintain the desired temperature set by Chris and Kim.

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Certified Building Analyst: Chad Kues

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