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Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis Case Studies: Collinsville, IL Home Improves Thermal Boundary

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 by Rachel Sipes


Matthew and Michelle had been living in their home for a least five years.  They had recently started a family with their small son.  They wanted to get the problems in their house fixed.  In the winter time, they noticed that their front room and their son's room was extra chilly.  The perimeter of their house was also cold.

During the summer the master bedroom and their son's would become too hot and uncomfortable to be in.  Their ceiling fans were constantly running because the air conditioning just wasn't enough.  The electric bills were extra high because of how much they tried to get the home at a comfortable temperature.


First off, the attic and the basement needed air sealing with spray foam.  This would reduce air infiltration, conductive heat transfer, humidity and dryness, reduce entry points for insects and other pests, and overall improve indoor air quality.  Spray foam was also applied to the cantilever to create a thermal boundary.

Insulating the attic was next.  A dense-pack wall insulation was installed to improve the pressure boundaries of the home and to improve the thermal boundary as well.  Each door leading into the attic was also air sealed and insulated.  A R-20 rigid foam insulation with vinyl wrap to the back of the side door was attached.  Additional weatherstripping was added to create an air seal.  To further increase the thermal boundary between the attic and conditioned space, the attic was also filled with blown cellulose insulation.

For health, safety, and building durability, a bathroom fan was installed and connected to a roof vent to move exhausted air outside the attic.  This was then air sealed to stop exfiltration of conditioned air into the attic.  Lastly, a dam was built to create an air seal high temperature penetration in order to also stop exfiltration.

Once these steps were properly put in place, Matthew, Michelle, and their son are now living much more comfortable.  And they are saving money on their heating and cooling bills.

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Certified Building Analyst: Chad Kues

Foreman: James Jones

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