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Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis Case Studies: Fenton, MO Home gets Air Sealed and New Insulation

Monday, July 7th, 2014 by Rachel Sipes


Homeowners Tom and Carol spend most of their time in the kitchen, dining room, and the basement.  In the winter, the basement is extra drafty and too dry.  This couple often uses a humidifier to make their home more comfortable.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, the bedrooms become too hot and Tom and Carol end up using a dehumidifier.

Tom and Carol's main concerns were to improve their comfort level, save themselves some energy and make sure their house will be safe.  After these needs are met, allergy relief, peace of mind, and eco-friendilness are next on their list of requirements.  Once these are met, Tom and Carol will be living much happier and much more comfortably.


After calling Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis and getting a free Home Energy Check-up, a solution was found.  Insulation and air sealing was needed to make it more comfortable.  To cool down the master bedroom, spray foam insulation needed to be installed into the vertical kneewall.  This would improve the thermal boundary and prevent air transfer between the attic and conditioned space.  Next a insulated dam on the vaulted ceiling needed to be built in order to contain insulation on top.

The attic was to be fixed next.  Blown in cellulose insulation was put in the attic to improve the thermal boundary.  A dam was then built to create an air seal around high temperature penetration in order to allow insulation around the penetration and stop exfiltration of the conditioned air into the attic.  Next ventilation baffles were installed into the joist bays in order to preserve air flow through existing soffit vents, prevent insulation from filling the soffits, and prevent wind washing of insulation.  In the bathrooms a gable-vent was installed and connected to the exhaust fan.

The rim joist was air sealed with spray foam to reduce air infiltration, conductive heat transfer, humidity and dryness, entry points for insects and overall improve indoor air quality.  Lastly, old soffit material was removed and the cantilever cavity was insulated.  Then new soffit material was installed.  Now the bedrooms are much cooler and the rest of the house has been heated up.

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Foreman: James Jones

Certified Building Analyst : Jake Hurst

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