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Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis Case Studies: Decrease in Electric Bills in Glen Carbon, IL

Friday, June 27th, 2014 by Rachel Sipes


Julie and Mike have owned their house for four years and want to continue living there.  However, the electric bills are too high and they want them to lowered.  After being referred to Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis by AOE, they found how they could be saving money.  The attic wasn't properly sealed, which was letting out lots of conditioned air.  The attic also wasn't insulated enough to keep the rest of the house warm.


Dr. Energy Saver came to Julie and Mike's home and made it more efficient so they could save money on their bills.  Dr. Energy Saver St. Louis sealed their home with spray foam to reduce air infiltration, reduce conductive heat transfer, reduce conductive heat transfer, reduce humidity and dryness, improve indoor air quality, and reduce entry points for insects and other pests.  They also applied a two part spray foam to the vertical knee wall in order to improve the thermal boundary and prevent air transfer between attic and conditioned space.  Then air sealed the attic penetration in order to stop exfiltration of conditioned air into the attic.  The last step they took to lower bills was to fully insulate the attic with blown in cellulose.  This also improves the thermal boundary.

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